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Choosing Reputable Affiliate Programs

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I’m been working with the same affiliate program for about a year, and am now interested in branching out into other programs. What should I look for when choosing my next affiliate program?
– Silvio

When you join an affiliate program, you enter into a business partnership with the operators. Consequently, you should research potential affiliate programs the same way you would a human business partner.

First and foremost, look into the program’s reputation. If other affiliates have had good or bad experiences, chances are there will be a digital paper trail on forums and in blogs. So Google the program and look into it on industry forums, blogs, and other research-worthy sites.

You might also want to look into the support they offer to both affiliates and players. Are affiliate managers responsive? Do they provide fresh creatives and timely promotions for affiliates? These are questions you will want to try and answer by (1) researching them, (2) asking them directly, and (3) reading through their affiliate pages.

Similarly, you may want to signup as a player and test response times for client support, withdrawal times, etc. Joining an affiliate program is not just about testing their affiliate program but reviewing the casino. The better customer support they offer players, the better reputation they’ll have in the marketplace, and the easier it will be to convert referrals into players.

Finally, you should consider the features of their software – namely, its tracking reports and marketing tools. Affiliate marketing is all about tracking referrals from one party to another, so you want to ensure their affiliate software can provide tracking reports that meet your business needs.

You should also ensure that their software features the marketing tools that will help you both save time and optimise your campaigns. For instance, if you use PPC advertising, it will be important that their software is capable of tracking players referred, deposits, revenues generated by each Adwords ad, and which types of players are coming through on which keywords.

Similarly, you should look into whether their software features tools to help you easily manage creatives. For example, banner management tools will save you time in managing campaigns across multiple sites.

Joining an affiliate program is pretty much the same as going into business with someone. Consequently, you want to determine that they (1) a have a healthy reputation, (2) will fulfill their side of the partnership, and (3) have software that’s capable of brokering your relationship.

Jamie, Affiliate Manager


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