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How to Get the Most out of Income Access Reporting: A Comprehensive Breakdown Part 3

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Income Access payment reporting is reliable, easy-to-use, and complete. In addition to the other reports previously described in Part One and Part Two of this blog series, IA software also offers  affiliates the Payment History Report which displays a summary of commissions earned and bonuses issued during a specified date range for all your merchants.

In order to have the summary displayed, simply select a specific period and click on the ‘Get report’ button.

Once you hit on the ‘Get report’ button, the payment report will be generated for the period selected for all your merchants. This report will contain Merchant name, Period selected, Total Commission, Bonus, Rollover, Amount Payable, Paid Date, Balance and Payment Method. If the message ‘no records were returned’ appears, this means that no commissions were earned nor bonuses issued during the selected period for any of the merchant you have membership.

The produced summary will display your payment data by Merchant. The Bonus column displays manual bonuses that have been allocated throughout the specified period and covers items such as prepaid promotions and newsletter. The Rollover column will list commissions earned in previous periods only if the threshold for your selected payment method was not met. If this threshold was met, then payments will be displayed in the Amount Payable column which refers to the total commission amount that will be paid out for the period

Additional columns such as the payment method selected can be changed at any time of the program by going to ‘My Account’ and then ‘Affiliate Payment Preferences’.

It is also possible to save the Payment History Report exported in various formats such as to in an excel sheet, csv, html, or xml. Once the Report has been displayed, click on the arrow to get a drop down menu and select your export preference and then click on the save button ‘’

Figures are updated on a daily basis for the current month, so we invite you to check the Payment History Report as frequent as you wish.

For more information on our “How to Get the most out of Income Access Reporting” blog series or on the Payment History Report, contact us at and be sure to check back for our next posting.


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