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Boost Your Brand: Promoting During the Euro 2012 and Summer Olympics, Part II

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Image: digitalart

Image: digitalart

With the Euro and the Summer Olympics just around the corner, summer 2012 is a tremendous opportunity for both operators and affiliates to expand the reach of their brand and the ROI of their promotions via successfully tying their efforts in with the existing publicity surrounding the Euro and the Olympics. Last week, we began this series on brand leveraging by covering planning ahead and utilising social media. Today, we expand our focus to include your website and promotions.

Dress the Part

Your website is often the source of your audience’s first impression of your brand. As real life shows, first impressions can be extremely lasting. By tweaking your website’s layout to include event themed materials, you help create an instant connection between your site and the event you choose to associate it with. As an example, suppose you are a sportsbook. If you customise your site towards an event, a visitor will be more likely to remember you when it comes time to place a bet on that event, even if they didn’t do anything upon initially visiting your site.

Tying your theme in with an event can be as simple as changing your colour scheme but can also include more comprehensive adjustments such as new banners and home page images. The most important part of tying in your website with an event is to respect the legal constraints surrounding the event. The Euro and the Olympics both have copyrighted materials and advertising constraints, and it is essential to follow these guidelines. By doing so, you verify the transparency of your business practices and also strengthen the integrity of all promotional materials and conditions, which will only help your customer acquisition and retention.

Create Themed Promotions

What better way to let your audience know you are interested in the same events they are than to promote it? By creating themed promotions, you entice players with offers while also leveraging your brand to the event in question. Your promotions do not have to be very specific in order to be properly tied in. For instance, you can offer a generic promotion that celebrates the Olympics by giving players 20% cash back on all losses on a specific day. This sort of promotion benefits the players and reinforces your positioning in tandem with the Olympics. Another similar option could be offering extra commission for all new referrals throughout the Euro.

On the other hand, very specific promotions are also effective and are particularly good for creating association between your brand and an event for die-hard fans. For instance, if you offer some free play for every goal a particular country scores in the Euro, those really interested in the outcome of the Euro will also be interested in visiting your site.

Regardless of how deeply the promotion ties in with the outcome of the event, it is important that it does tie in, as that’s where you publicize your connection to the audience.

There are plenty of other strategies for leveraging your brand through event related promotions, and we’ll be covering more of them in the next instalment of this series. Do you have any strategies we’ve missed or that you would like covered in more detail? Please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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