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How to Get the Most out of Income Access Reporting: A Comprehensive Breakdown Part Two

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Part two of the Income Access blog series on “How to get the most out of Income Access reporting” visits player level reporting: the Player Report, and the Player Lifetime Report. As an affiliate, being able to see the progress of your program at a player level gives you a deeper insight into the exact reasons why your campaign is flourishing, or in some cases not performing as well as you envisioned. Is the brunt of your revenue coming from a select few players? Is your campaign made up of many players each accounting for small portions of revenue? How are your top players performing? These reports are where you would find this useful information, and feedback from affiliates and operators substantiates that IA reporting at the player level is some of the most detailed out there.

The Player Report:playerreport

 To access the Player Report, once you are logged in to your affiliate account in the Income Access Network (or one of IA’s software partners, sometimes called the Account Report), simply scroll over the Reports Tab in the Menu, and click on Player Report. The following Report Criteria table will appear:

 This report can be filtered many ways, including Period or Date, Merchant, Aff. Site, Banner ID and the Report Detail Level. The description of these six filters can be found in Part 1 of our Blog Series. This report can also be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Account ID: This is the Player ID for the specific player you are looking for.
  • New Account: You can run the report for all account by leaving this field blank, or run it for new accounts (in the time period selected) by selecting “Only New Accounts”
  • Filter Records By: You can select to filter the report by Clicks, Impressions, Downloads, Deposits, Revenue, Bets, Wagers, Points, Revenue Share Commission, CPA Commission, Referral Commission, or Total Commission. This is why affiliates enjoy Income Access, due to the very granular level that you can view stats.

These filtering options give affiliates the flexibility to filter stats at a very top-level or very granular and detailed level, depending on your needs.

Lifetime Player Report

Affiliates can also view the lifetime performance of a specific player. In order to access this report, you simply pull the above mentioned Player Report and click on the Player ID you are looking to pull the report for in the Player ID Column. This will bring you a to a page that will display the lifetime stats for the given player, as well as the ability to filter the stats by Period, Date, Merchant, Banner ID, or Report Detail Level .This report give affiliates an even more in depth look into the specific performance of any player tagged to them. This also gives affiliates the ability to view the trends of a specific player, and the ability to monitor any activity that may seem fraudulent.

For more information on our “How to Get the most out of Income Access Report” blog series, or on the Player Report or Lifetime Player Report, contact us at .

Be sure to check out our next blog that will outline the Payment Reports, on Tuesday May 1st.


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